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Having more than 3 decades of experience in the water recycling industry, Ironcon is well-known as Malaysia’s One-Stop Water Treatment Plant Installation Company with our strong reputation and proven track record in completing over 300 water and sewage treatment plant installation related projects for various industries across the country — which ranging from IWK, housing, commercial buildings, hotels to manufacturing factories.

Being one of the top fabrication leaders in the portable water treatment plant project field who aimed to provide our customers with full-operational effluent treatment pumping and piping systems, Ironcon has today-even expanded our services to supplying all mechanical components and equipment — aside from just the installation and construction works. This, in return, has enabling us to complete a project with full compliance to client requirements and also cost-effective.

Over the years, we have also been actively involved in the rural water supply schemes as well as large scale privatized projects in Malaysia using a variety of processes capable of producing portable water of a quality, which complies with WHO standard.

Hence, when you partner with Ironcon, rest assured that our team of highly trained engineering specialists can provide you with the most efficient and affordable methods of handling all your installation needs — ranging from screens, blowers, sludge presses, filters, bulk storage tanks to chemical dosing plant.

That’s the reason why Ironcon is always be accredited by our clients as the class-leading water and sewage treatment company in Malaysia.
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Unlike an effluent treatment system that is designed to treat human sewage, water treatment is performed with a combination of standard processes (such as coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection) so as to improve the water quality, making it appropriate for a specific end-use.

The use, however, might be drinking, irrigation or industrial water supply.

Coagulation & Flocculation

In the first stage, it generally involves the adding of chemical compounds (with positive charge) to the water so that the nonsettling particles can bind together and form larger floc, making them easier to separate from the water.


Also known as clarification, by which the floc will settle to the bottom of the water supply (by gravity), due to its weight.


A process whereby the clear water on top will flow through a filter (made up of sand, gravel and charcoal) that is designed to remove dissolved particles — like dust, parasites, bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to human health, from within it and thereby enhancing the effectiveness of disinfection.


The final stage in making the water close to portable water quality, where disinfectants (such as chlorine) will be added to water to kill any remaining disease-causing microorganisms before the water is piped to homes and businesses.

  • To filter & improve water quality for drinking, cooking and agricultural processing
  • To protect the environment though pollution control
  • To ensure water is treated & eliminate disease-causing bacteria
  • To produce natural fertilizers by using the biodegradable materials collected during the treatment process
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