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Founded in 1984, Ironcon (M) Sdn Bhd is a top leading sewage treatment plant contractor in Malaysia, specializes in providing one-stop quality turnkey services (from conceptualization to implementation) in the design, installation, construction and maintenance of elevated water tank, water and sewage treatment systems for all industrial and commercial clients.

Over the years, with our combined strength of various innovative solutions and sound project management capabilities, Ironcon’s customer base has diversified beyond just the domestic households, but expanded to local authorities, public sector service providers, as well as commercial businesses.

To date, we have not just completed more than 300 water and sewerage pumping and treatment related projects for IWK Refurbishment Projects, housing, commercial building, hotels and factories throughout Malaysia, but even expanding our services to the ASEAN region.

At Ironcon, we take pride in a long history of being part of the communities we serve. With over 36 years on-site experience and an excellent reputation in the sewage engineering field, you can be sure to get a professional yet efficient advice and solutions in treating and pumping of water and sewage from Ironcon. Since we will always spend time in making sure that we understand all of a project’s requirements before we offer a solution. Plus, each individual project systems and components will also be specially selected to ensure the final solution can best meet every customer’s needs and budget to their satisfaction.

That’s the reason why Ironcon has been well-known as the number one sewage and wastewater treatment plant contractor in Melaka, Malaysia.
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  • 5-Star Qualification
  • Professional Consultation
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I would say they are really the best wastewater treatment company in Malaysia! They put their effort and support for our staffs during onsite training and gave us total peace of mind that I would definitely recommend them!

Ricky Wong

Great team with good quality of work! Ironcon gave us expert advice and guidance with a professional and very tidy installation in under a week! An excellent service that we will use again!


Thanks again to Ironcon for delivering a first class project. The treatment plant is working exceptionally well and consistently achieving discharge standards well. Well done & thanks!

T.K. Chong

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Ironcon. Their knowledge and commitment to sewage treatment is outstanding and they have a particular knack for understanding a given solution and offering just the right solution. Thanks!

Mohammad Azmin
Ricky Wong
Tk Chong
Mohammad Azmin