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Since 1984, Ironcon (M) Sdn Bhd is well-recognized as one of the highly recommended construction companies providing one-stop high quality sewage and wastewater treatment plant fabrication services in Malaysia.

As a leading specialist in the environmental engineering industry with more than 3 decades of experience, we are committed to offer our customers with total project management services covering all the treatment cycles for sewerage and wastewater systems — ranging from design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, operation to maintenance.

To ensure all the projects will be carried out and completed to customer’s desired quality, budget and schedule, all the equipments, specialist leaded engineers and team members would also be specifically chosen in order to fulfill the requirement of a particular scheme.

Apart from this, we will also support you with approval procedures, organize your construction site as general contractor and coordinate the trades until the final handover of the project. Hence, when you choose Ironcon as your trusted sewage treatment plant contractor in Malaysia, rest assured that we always keep an eye on the budget while you can concentrate on your core business.
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Sewage Treatment Air Pattern Testing Process

Being one of the well-established sewage treatment plant companies in Malaysia, Ironcon was formed to leverage our collective expertise and know-how to provide Malaysian industries and communities, who are in need, an effective wastewater treatment system for helping them to reduce the operational and environmental costs of sewage sludge treatment whilst protecting the environmental though pollution control.

Hence, no matter what your sewer problem is or which solution you’ll need — ranging from either hydrothane bio reactor (ECSB), sequential batch reactor (SBR), passive aerated filter or submerged fixed bed bioreactor (SFBBR), with our long history of service excellence and proven track record, rest assured that you will always get a solution that can best handle your wastewater treatment needs, meet your budget and requirement from Ironcon.
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Sewage treatment is basically known as the process of removing contaminants from human sewage. Essentially, a treatment facility with a combination of processes (physical, chemical and biological) would be needed to ensure sewage is treated and safe enough for being discharged to a watercourse.

These facilities, in most of the times, are designed to treat sewage that not just from the toilets, but including waste from industrial plants, kitchens, as well as laundries.

Physical Process

Also known as mechanical treatment. It involves the use of a series of tanks, along with screens, filters, sieves, blowers, grinders and other mechanical components to treat the untreated wastewaters, as well as to remove part of the contained solids.

Biological Process

The goal of biological treatment is to create a system in which organic wastes are further break down in order to make them easily collected for proper disposal. In this stage, it normally involves the use of bacteria, nematodes or other small organisms to with the decomposition.

Chemical Process

The purpose of chemical process is to to further improve the quality of the water where 99% of the impurities are eliminated, making the water close to drinking water quality and safe enough for release into environment. In this final stage, it normally involves the treatments like filtration, osmosis and nanofiltration to remove any substances, viruses or bacteria that could be harmful to humans.

In some cases, a method called extended aeration will also be, specifically for small waste loads, in treating wastewater.

Extended Aeration Activated Sludge System

The purpose of the activated sludge process (aeration basins and secondary clarifiers) is to biologically stabilize the oxygen-demanding material present in wastewater with aerobic microorganisms air is supplied to these basins for the microorganism.

Extended aeration activated sludge is an operational mode in which the activated sludge unit process is operated at a relatively long hydraulic retention time and sludge age. The number of aeration tanks in service varies depending on the volume of wastewater being treated for the proper detention time. Mixed liquor enters the secondary clarifiers, which slows down the flow and allows the sludge to settle and produce a clear effluent. Scum is removed from the surface of the clarifiers and transferred to the digester.

  • To maintain clean & usable water
  • To reduce waste & minimize environmental pollutions
  • To prevent disease-causing bacteria via chemical treatment
  • To achieve minimal odour emissions
  • To save & process water for reuse purposes
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