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Elevated Water Storage Tank

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A Highly Recommended Elevated Water Storage Tank Contractor in Malaysia

Highly Recommended Elevated Water Tank Contractor In Malaysia
Elevated Water Tank

With a collective 36 years experience in the industry, Ironcon is well-recognized as one of the

top leading elevated water tank and R.C. water tank contractors in Malaysia

providing customers with one-stop professional and cost effective turnkey solutions for their water storage systems. Over the years, Ironcon has provided high-quality and durable elevated water tanks for municipal and corporate applications. Our state-of-the-art facility and highly knowledgeable staff make us a premium tank supplier, ensuring that we can provide the highest quality storage tanks and large capacity water storage tanks available for any application. In addition to our elevated water tanks, we are pleased to offer an expansive portfolio of storage tank solutions for customers in the energy, chemical, oil and gas, food processing, and paper industries, among many others.

As an experienced water tower builder, we also offer a variety of related services — like design, construction equipment supplying, repair and maintenance, enabling you to reduce the overall water storage tank cost by using a single vendor. Apart from that, we also offer engineering services, custom water tower ladders, and we can handle even the most precise tank modifications.

Being the leader in the water industry who has working on all types of water tanks and pumping system across all sectors, Ironcon has a reputation among our customers for being honest, great value and proficient. Hence, when you choose Ironcon, rest assured that you will always get a solution that can best handle your water storage needs, on time and meet your budget. That’s the reason why we have always be rated by our customers and business partners as the first-class elevated water tank and R.C. (Reinforced Concrete) water tank turnkey contractor in Malaysia.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to your water tank needs, consider taking advantage of our leasing program or utilizing one of our fully refurbished pre-owned tanks. To learn more about our elevated water tank solutions or more information about specific tank specifications, contact our experts today.
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Also known as water tower, an elevated water tank is basically referred to as a water storage tank elevated above the roof of a building and is constructed at a height sufficient to pressurize a water distribution system.

In most of the times, an elevated storage tank is used to help developing countries to store water for fire protection and potable drinking water within a designated area or community.

Experienced Engineers

With over 36 years’ industry experience, Ironcon has been operating across the Malaysia with a team of highly skilled operatives and we are endeavour to provide you with an excellent customer experience through all stages of your project.

Technical Advice

At Ironcon, we provide high levels of technical knowledge, product choice and after sale customer service.

Fully Certified & Compliance with Industry Standards

Ironcon is Malaysia’s certified water tank turnkey contractor, employing proven and approved methods across all our services which are specifically designed and developed for water industry.

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A Solution for All Your Water Storage Needs

Types of Water Tanks

From an elevated water tank to a flat-bottom, above-ground storage tank, our in-house engineering and construction teams have the experience to design and build your customized water tank, covering all type of tank and capacities.

Join thousands of satisfied customers and let Ironcon, with safety and quality as core values, help solve your water storage needs on time and within budget!
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Glass Coated Tank

A unique tank finish that is able to provide many years of trouble-free service in harsh environments (long life & low maintenance costs).

Designed for more rapid installation, and is with high flexibility to re-model and relocate.

Glass Coated Water Tank

Rinforced Concreate (R.C.) Tank

Normally shaped as square, rectangle, or circular form and is able to withstand many elements while can never be destroyed easily.

Dust and vermin proof. So you are always assured with water that’s always safe to drink.

Rc Water Tank

Panel Water Tank

A modular system that has a high strength-to-weight ratio, an extremely long lifespan, and is easy to maintain and heat-resistant.

It is leak-free and highly cost-effective that designed to eliminate the drawbacks of other storage methods.

Panel Water Storage Tank

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