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Ironcon have fabricate sewage treatment plant and industrial waste water treatment plant equipment which can match your design characteristic with a suitable and convenient price. We also fabricate sludge thickener scraper, clarifier scraper and DAF scraper which design by you. If you need any quotation, please contact us.

Grit Classifier
The Grit Classifier is designed with a heavy duty grit screw with hardened leading edges and for long life and minimal maintenance.  It is used with most of our grit removal systems for grit dewatering.More....


Shaftless Screw Compactor/Conveyor
The shaftless compactor is designed for conveying, compacting and dewatering. It is used with most of out sewage treatment plant and also waste water treatment plant. More....


Front Cleaned Mechanical Screen
The front cleaned mechanical screen is design for paper mill water treatment plant which up stream and down stream mechanical screen cannot be use.More....
Mechanical Scraper
Fabrication of mechanical scraper used at water treatment plant, industrial wastewater treatment plant and sewage treatment plant. (DAF Clarifier Scraper, Sludge Thickener Scraper and Clarifier Scraper) More....


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